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How it works

The business world is changing and professions are evolving. In order to take advantage of the new opportunities that come along with these changes, business owners must  become more agile and competitive as a way to sustain and grow their businesses.

Alma IT Academy has come to build the bridge between academia and industry, and offer students the training in both hard and soft skills which organizations demand in their employees. It’s a WIN- WIN situation! Our students are supported on their journey to employment, and our corporate clients benefit from access to a pool of professional candidates who are ready to work from day one!


Finding it hard to launch your career? ALMA IT!

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  • Third choice of work placement students
  • Option to choose your employees from the remaining pool of students


“Too many job openings and not enough qualified candidates!”  

“We needed people yesterday!”  

Competition is stronger than ever before! 

We understand how difficult it is for you to provide continuous training that keeps up with new technology methods. We listened to the industry demands are are here with the solution. 

So, instead of investing in years of training and supply, continuing education for a junior employee, we have built elite training programs that include all the necessary IT skills for people to train as a Junior IT Administrator or a Junior Cybersecurity Administrator and be ready to start working as a professional immediately after graduating. 

Our pool of students: 

  • Consists of University graduates from the IT Sector 
  • Are up to 29 years old 
  • Have up to 4 years of work experience 

Alma IT graduates will have participated in theoretical and practical training in the following specializations: